🍀 Tir na nÓg Newsletter - December🎄

"Our mission is to provide our customers with an experience that is the perfect blend of Irish charm and Danish cosiness. Our focus is on friendly customer service, quality products and unique ambiance makes any day something special to share with friends and family"

Christmas in Ireland (Nollag in Éireann)
While many cultures leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus and perhaps a carrot for the reindeer, the Irish do things quite differently. At Christmas time, Santy likes to indulge in a pint of Guinness and some traditional mince pies. We just hope that Santy holds back from too many  pints as he still needs to steer the sleigh.

An unusual tradition to outsiders can be found in the Wren Boy procession. Taking place on St Stephen’s Day (December 26th), The Wren boys (or girls!) dress up in old clothes and paint their faces. In some parts of the country, they also wear straw hats. They travel from house to house singing, dancing and playing music for the household. In rural areas, it will usually be neighbours that call on the wren often collecting money for a local charity. The wren is said to have betrayed Irish soldiers fighting Norsemen by beating its wings on their shields. The poor wren is also blamed for betraying St. Stephen (the first Christian martyr) by giving up his location when hiding from his persecutors. In former times wrens were hunted and then nailed to a pole at the head of the procession. Wrens can breathe a sigh of relief as this brutal tradition has now died out.

White candles are placed in the window to light the way for the Holy family if they were to pass through, throughout the night. In the countryside, it was an old tradition for households to leave food on the table and unlock the door for the Holy family too. When gathering for the food on Christmas Day (25th), goose was traditionally the preferred meat of choice, accompanied with potatoes, brussel sprouts and other vegetables. Turkey has now overtaken the goose since being a post-war import. Ham would be roasted on Christmas Eve (24th).  

After Christmas, the hardworking women need a break to unwind after cooking, cleaning, and entertaining guests. In order to give them this break, their husbands will cook, clean, and do the chores while the women of the house visit friends and celebrate what is known as Women’s Christmas (in Irish, Nollaig na mBan). Today this tradition is not as common, but is still observed occasionally, generally on the Sunday nearest to January 6th.

Finally, if you are celebrating Christmas the Irish way, make sure to remove all Christmas trees and decorations before January 6th. It is said that leaving them up longer will cause bad luck for you and the household in the coming year!
Events & Updates.
If you missed our annual Christmas Bingo this year, then fear not, as we are going for Round 2! If you didn't get to shout BINGO and get some prizes then you have another chance.

We will be hosting it in The Merchant Room only. You can reserve a table for the event. All reservations must order food and arrive before 18:00. Click our booking form to guarantee your place
Family Bingo - Christmas Bingo
Sunday 20th December -  This bingo bonanza is specifically for families and children. Get into the Christmas spirit  by dressing up in your most Christmassy outfit. There will be plenty of prizes, hot chocolate with marshmallows, pizza and a lucky door prize (children only). There are also lots of beverages to keep the parents entertained too. Check out our FB event for more details.
Christmas Catch Up Evening
Tuesday 22nd December - Kick off the festive season by spending time with family and friends. Our Christmas Catch-Up Evening is the perfect time to catch up with those whom you may have not seen a lot throughout the year. We have fantastic offers for our Loyalty Program Members: 🍀 Warm cider 2 for 1 🍀 Irish coffee 2 for 1 🍀 Buy a pint of Guinness and receive a free shot of Jameson 🍀 All Irish whiskey 4cl for the price of 2cl.
Julefrokost Menu in FLUX
Sunday 27th December - We are hosting an exclusive Julefrokost as our roast. Classic Christmas dishes to fill you up with festive feeling and food.  Join us for Thy Herring topped with onions, tomatoes, and capers. Pork loin with a crispy crust, red cabbage, and pickled pumpkin. Roasted meatballs with steamed Christmas cabbage, parsley and caramelised potatoes and much, much more. Book here
New Year's Eve 2020
December 31st - Say goodbye to 2020 and celebrate jumping into the new year with an evening of food and wine. There will be an  open bar for white, red or rosé wine  and bubbles. An evening menu of food including snacks and desert, which is detailed on our FB event. You will also recieve a goodiebag with some bubbles and kransekage to take home and enjoy.
Last chance for early bird price TODAY!!!
Pub Quiz Dates and Times
Weeks 52 and 53  - Our regular Pub Quiz has been moved. There wil now be a Christmas Edtion Quiz on Monday 21st December. The best Christmas outfit will win a 500kr Tir na nÓg voucher. The next quiz will be on Tuesday 29th of December. The quiz will then return back to the Thursday for the following week.
New Bewitching Craft Beers
ATTENTION BEER LOVERS!  We have a new craft beer in our fridges from The White Hag Irish Brewing Company. The brewery started in 2013 and is located in County Sligo, a coastal area on the west of Ireland.  Ancient Irish Mythology will tell you that The White Hag was a witch, a chameleon creature and/or even Mother Nature herself. Each beer name is inspired by Irish/Celtic mythology and for those interested, you can read up about them all on their website. Here are their profiles so that you can easily choose your next favourite beer:

An American-style IPA brewed with 100% Irish malt. Pine and grapefruit are balanced by a full, malt backbone. Very pale with a slight hop haze from high levels of dry hopping. Fruity aromas of passionfruit, grapefruit and orange.

A hoppy citrus American Pale ale with a soft body and a dry crisp. Creamy with a light toast, citrus and mango fruits on the nose. Stuffed with American hops, added in different stages of the fermentation. Refreshing and thirst-quenching.

An easy-to-drink American-style session IPA. Brewed with 100% Irish malt for a pale, very clean base. Layered with Mosaic hops, famous for their ever-changing fruity aroma. The flavour is fruity hops with aromas of blueberry, passionfruit, and grapefruit. Well balanced, with a mild lingering bitter finish.

A golden, hazy and ‘sessionable’ IPA, with a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Big citrus and fruity top notes accentuated by piney undertones. The intentional haze is caused by withholding the finings in the kettle, allowing the proteins to remain in suspension, ultimately binding with the hop oils to deliver the freshest, hoppiest flavour possible.

A mixed fermentation beer, brewed with their own cultivated wild yeasts. A tart and refreshing wheat beer brewed with oats, lemon peel and coriander. The flavour and aroma are dominated by fresh citrus notes. Beautifully balanced acidity melds with a hint of lemony hops for a crisp, refreshing finish.

A beautifully pink mixed fermentation beer that uses the Púca Lemon as a base. They then add loads of ginger to the boil, followed by additions of hibiscus, rose hips, strawberries, raspberries and elderberries. The flavour and aroma are dominated by fresh citrus and hibiscus notes with a refreshing finish.
Loyalty Member Events & Benefits
We will be hosting several events throughout December, like the Christmas Catch-Up (as detailed above) where Loyalty Members will get offers such as our warm cider 2 for 1,  Irish coffee 2 for 1 or a free shot of Jameson when buying a pint of Guinness. 

Members will continue to recieve a free glass of house wine on Mondays between 17:00-20:00, when buying a pizza throughout December.

Our Whiskey of the Month for December is a real treat. Loyalty Members can now get 4cl of Redbreast 15 for the price of 2cl.  A beautiful Irish single pot still whiskey  and it is
 the first 15 year old whiskey that we have had as our WOTM. 

Filter coffee for 10kr, with 5kr re-fills throughout the day.
Become a Loyalty Member
Caesar (Shift) Cipher Challenge
We will finish again with a brain teaser! If you can crack the code, you win a free glass of our delicious Warm Cider. Last month there were no lucky winners, so we have made it slightly easier with only one shift.

A  Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher in which each letter is shifted a number of times along the alphabet. For example with a shift of +2, A would become C, B would become D and so on.

Cipher Puzzle: NMRKPI FIPPW

Email the answer to [email protected] Challenge open until Tuesday 8th December.
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🔥 FLUX Brunch and an Enhanced Menu 😎
FLUX Sunday Brunch!
With breakfast in his right hand and lunch in his left, Odin clapped his hands together and made a meal fit for the Gods. Sunday Brunch is now available in FLUX from this Sunday from 11:00-14:00. Join us for this heavenly menu.  
  • Prawn cocktail with lettuce topped with thousand island sauce.
  • Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and chili.
  • Brioche with avocado, pepper bacon and fried eggs.
  • Hamburger topped with salad and truffle mayonnaise.
  • Small sausages in a bean and pepper / tomato ragout.
  • French fries.
  • Pancakes with pickled berries and syrup.
Price: 225kr.

Get your Brunch fully locked and loaded with Mimosas, Bloody Marys and/or a pint of Guinness. 
Make A Reservation
Friday Burger Lunch Deal
FRIDAY LUNCH is about to get JUICY!

Every Friday between 12:00-14:00, you can get our best-selling burger for only 65kr. Packed with a tender beef patty, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, burger sauce & onion rings

If you fancy something extra, choose your sides by adding fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings for just 45kr.
The Roast Must Go On!
Great news for all of our customers that have been loving the FLUX Deluxe Sunday Roast. Due to the popularity and requests for more, we will be hosting a roast each Sunday until the end of the 2020. 

To book your roast, go to our website and use our quick and simple booking system.
FLUX Menu and Hours Update
We have extended our FLUX kitchen opening hours for weekends:
Friday 12:00-21:00 / Saturday 12:00-21:00 / Sunday 11:00-21:00.

Our enhanced FLUX menu will now include:

Served with chives and croutons . Vegan.

With fresh green leaves, chicken, caesar dressing and Parmesan

Served with chicken breast, peberbacon, sour cream and onion rings
Freshly packed with jam and icing sugar

Choose from vanilla or chocolate ice cream or pineapple or raspberry sorbet
A Big Thank You
As a result of all the amazing support from you all, we have offically been crowned as the Byens Bedste Gå-i-Byen-Sted (Best place for a night out) for 2020.

We truly appreciate all those that took the time to vote for us. For us, it shows that the effort we have put in to provide the best customer experience, even in these uncertain times, has paid off.
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🍀 Tir na nÓg Newsletter #7

"Our mission is to provide our customers with an experience that is the perfect blend of Irish charm and Danish cosiness. Our focus is on friendly customer service, quality products and unique ambiance makes any day something special to share with friends and family"

All I Want For Christmas Is Jule...bryg
You may have noticed several new Christmas beers on the taps at Tir Na Nog this month. As the Christmas holidays approach, many people will be enjoying these dark and malty concoctions. Christmas beer or ‘Julebryg’ has been a popular tradition in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia for centuries. J-Day may be cancelled this year, but we are sure that won’t stop customers getting festive over a Christmas beer or three. Where does the tradition of brewing Christmas beer come from? What makes a Christmas beer a Christmas beer? Look no further, we have the answers right here.  

The strongest claim to the tradition of brewing Christmas beer comes from the Scandinavian countries. Vikings enjoyed strong, malty beer during their ‘Jul’, or ‘Yule’ celebrations. On December 21st, Viking festivities involved ‘drinking Jul’, with rounds of beers offered up to Odin, Freya, and the other Norse gods. Even after Christianity was introduced and eventually becoming the official religion, brewing Christmas beer was mandated by law! King Haakon ‘the Good’ of Norway (c. 920-961 AD) decreed that every household must brew a measure of beer for Jul, taking several days and rolling into Christmas. During the 13th century, this tradition was reinforced with the Gulathing Laws. These laws mandated that not only must each peasant household brew Christmas beer, but also required them to host a party and outlined specific penalties for failing to do so. 

Both Sweden and Denmark continued these brewing traditions that originated from their Viking roots. The Swedes were even the first Europeans to introduce Christmas beer to North America in the 17th century. Likewise, the Scandinavian brewing phenomenon was noticed throughout Europe and adopted by other nations, each with their own twist. Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria have developed many well-known modern Christmas brews inspired from the Scandinavian tradition.

Tuborgs Julebryg was first introduced in 1981. The beer’s popularity sparked after a 1984 commercial featuring Santa chasing a Tuborg truck in his sleigh. In fact, this remains the longest-running commercial in Danish history and has quickly become an essential part of the Danish holiday season. Inscribed on the bottle is the phrase “Glædig jul og godt Tub’år”, which is a pun translating to “Merry Christmas and a Happy…Tuborg.”  In the 1990s, J-Day became a holiday tradition to mark the beer’s release. Almost three decades later, the love of this Danish beer has spread to beer drinkers around the world. J-Day continues to be celebrated in Denmark and numerous other countries including Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Romania, Japan, Serbia, and Switzerland.  

In the present day, Christmas beer is generally characterized as a stronger, darker, spiced beer that often has a rich body and warming finish. This Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to taste our selection of Christmas beers like Grimbergen Noel, Jacobsen Golden Naked Christmas Ale, Jacobsen Donker Winter Ale and of course Tuborg Julebryg. As you enjoy a Christmas brew or three this year, think back to the strong heritage which came before it, or perhaps go full on Viking and make your own!
Original Tuborg Advert from 1980s
Ready, Set, Roast!
We have received lots of great feedback about our FLUX Deluxe Sunday Roast. The family-style service has been a big hit. Many of you have told us that you love the concept of the menu changing from week to week. As the roast is becoming more of a feature on the menu, we thought it would be good to give you a little sneak peak at the upcoming menu for the next four Sundays. In order to accommodate more people enjoying their weekly fix, tickets are no longer required. All that is needed is to make a reservation (17:00) in FLUX and write that you are coming for the roast in the comments. Here are the awesome dishes that we have coming up:

01/11 - Mouth-watering Ham, fried with pepper and honey. Served with small fried potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, cream stewed spinach, almond fried cauliflower and bulgur with fried mushrooms. Alternatively, you can get Sashi Beef Cuvettes as the meat of the dish.

08/11 – Classic Roast Duck (fully fried thighs) with red cabbage and 3 kinds of potatoes (English with parsley, Danish with sugar and French with paprika). Served with fries with pork, croutons, Yorkshire puddings and cream sauce. Accompanied by a Waldorf salad with celery, apples and walnuts. 
15/11 - Roast lamb, with sausages and winter green beans. Served with potatoes baked in cream and garlic, warm beetroot salad with pine nuts and ginger. Alternatively, for those that do not like lamb, we have chicken with parsley, cucumber salad with chilli and birch, Yorkshire puddings with mild mustard sauce and chicken cheese sauce.
22/11 - Beef brasserie with onions, carrots, celery and thyme. Served with mashed potatoes, stuffed tomatoes and grilled broccoli with chili and Yorkshire puddings. Accompanied by a salad of green beans with vinaigrette and goat’s cheese.
Reserve Your Roast Now!
Events & Updates.
Christmas Bingo - November 24th
Christmas Bingo is one of our favourite events of the year and there is 10,000kr in prizes to be won. The event will be hosted in both The Merchant Room and The Tap Room.

We have plenty of Christmas beers, warm Irish cider, Gløgg and Irish Coffee. Grab your friends and family and make your way to Tir Na Nog for one of the best nights of the year.
Navigating in a Pandemic Article
The uncertainty of our current times has added more challenges and stress to the hospitality industry than ever before. FFT: Irelands Premier Hospitality Title spoke with our Bar Manager Dylan about how we have adapted our business model to continue offer the best experience for customers with restrictions. Read the article here.
Last Chance to Vote
There is one week left of voting for the Byens Bedste Awards 2020. We have been nomitated for the Byens Bedste Gå-i-Byen Sted. If you think we deserve to win, then you can vote for us.
Final Dram for the Nation
The people at the helm of the Midleton Very Rare range recently announced that the bottling for 2020 is the last expression in the series by former Master Distiller of 23 years: Brian Nation.

The new Master Distiller Kevin O'Gorman spoke about the upcoming bottle "Brian’s love of a single pot still is reflected in this exceptional whiskey, while preserving the balance and beauty for which Midleton Very Rare is renowned.
From mid-November, the traditional Danish delicacy æbleskiver will be available as a dessert on our Gastropub food menu. Whether you wait for the festive period or eat them all year round, these fluffy, sweet spheres of heaven are the perfect ending to highlight a delicious meal.
Loyalty Member Events & Benefits
26th November - Exclusive Rum Tasting.
Our very own James Cullen will be hosting an exclusive rum tasting for loyalty members. Join us as James takes you on an exploration of Pacto Navio, Havana 7yrs, Havana Club Selección De Maestros and Havana Club 15 yrs Gran Reserva. Following the tasting complimentary pizza will be served.

Get your tickets for only 200kr HERE.

Loyalty Program Benefits for November:
Every Monday throughout November, Loyalty Members will receive a free glass of house wine when buying any of our tasty pizzas. This offer is between 17:00-20:00. Check out the FB Event.

The G.O.T whisky collection fought a hard battle but ultimately lost to lots of thirsty Loyaly Members. For November,  we are heading back to Ireland for our Whiskey of the Month. Loyalty Members will be able to get 4cl of Glendalough 7 Single Malt for the price of 2cl.  

Filter coffee for 10kr, with 5kr re-fills throughout the day.
Become a Loyalty Member
Caesar (Shift) Cipher Challenge
Let's finish with a brain teaser! If you can crack the code, you win a free glass of our delicious gløgg. 

In cryptography, a Caesar cipher is one of the simplest and most widely known encryption techniques. It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet. So, for example with a shift of one, A would become B, B would become C and so on. Or with a shift of +3 to the letter "B" will become "E". If a shift is -3 the letter “B” would be “Y”. A word of warning, each word will signal a new shift! 

Cipher Puzzle: DHYT  ZU  OXA  GSXDOB

If you manage to decode the message, email the answer (message and shift changes) to [email protected] and you will be added to the list of winners. Come in and claim your prize. The challenge is open until Sunday 8th November. Time to crack out the old pen and paper and obviously no googling of the answer is allowed.
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🍀 Byens Bedste 2020 - We Need Your Vote 😀

Byens Bedste - Gå-i-Byen-Sted 2020

We have been nomintated as the best place to go for a night out (Gå-i-Byen-Sted) at the Byens Bedste 2020 Awards. 
Running a successful bar in these uncertain times has added more challenges and stress to our regular operations than anyone could have expected. However, we have strived to adapt at every step and maintained the highest standards to ensure that our customers can still enjoy their time with us.  If you agree that we deserve the best Gå-i-Byen-Sted Award this year, then you can click the button below to vote for us.
For those that have enjoyed our Gastropub food in FLUX, our partners Mefisto are in contention for the Best Brunch Award. We truely believe that they serve up the best brunch in town and you can vote for them, if you feel the same as us.
Vote Now!
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🍀 Breaking News: FLUX Deluxe Sunday Roast 😍


FLUX Deluxe Sunday Roast
Sundays should be shared with family, friends and fantastic food.  Our FLUX Gastropub menu has recieved lots of great compliments and reviews.  By popular demand, we have now introduced a
traditional roast with our own FLUX finesse to make any Sunday perfect.

Available for the next four Sundays, this succulent roast features a different meat each week. Tickets are exclusively sold online and are available for  (11/10), (18/10), (25/10) and (01/11). Choose your week(s) and we will take care of the rest. Adult tickets are 150kr, children aged 4-12 are 75kr and under 4 are free.

* Fun Fact: When we originally opened 16 years ago, a Sunday roast was one of the first things on the menu. A kitchen station was set up by an OG customer (Noel) at the front of the now Tap Room and customers would line up to get their meat, vegetables and gravy.*
Book Your Roast Now
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