We look forward to seeing you again!

We will open again from Monday 18.05.2020 at. 09:00

Dear Guest
We are pleased to announce that we will open again from Monday 18.05.2020 at. 09:00.
We look forward to seeing you all again. We will be able to have half the capacity compared to before without Covid-19 restrictions.

Please follow the guidelines below and follow the instructions of our staff, so that we can serve you all safely and at a proper distance.

We also appeal to you to spread out your visits with us throughout the week, as well as different times of day. We won’t be able to accommodate everybody at the same time on Friday and Saturday nights – and as soon as all seating is occupied, the doors will be closed. Queues can be formed on the streets – of course with distance. Our door staff will then allocate appropriate group sizes to tables, when tables become vacant.



  • Should you reserve a table? No, unfortunately not at this time.
  • Can you sit at the bar? No.
  • Can you mingle in the room? Not with other guests that are not in your group.
  • Can you change tables / fold tables? No.
  • Can you pay with cash? Of course.
  • Can you go out to smoke? Yes, but only on public streets. – Guests are not allowed to stand under the awning among the seated guests. Remember one meter distance to other guests.
  • Can you order at the bar? Yes, but as soon as you have received your order, please take it to your seat.
  • I’m have a bit of a cold, can I come in? Absolutely not!
  • Will there be a pub quiz in the future? Yes! The first quiz is Thursday 21.05.2020 at. 9 pm – Remember to arrive early and in small groups.
  • Do you show any sports? YES! All sports are shown. Remember no singing, shouting or standing guests.
  • Are you serving food? Yes – From Wednesday 20.05.2020, you will be able to order our delicious pizzas again from 16:00. Initially, food orders will be available every day from 16.00 – 21.00. We are working to open breakfast, brunch and sandwiches as soon as
  • Do you have any outdoor seating? Yes! We have all our tables and chairs outside – as well as extra places along Frederiksgade.
  • May we join another group? Yes and no: Never more than 9 people and only with other guests that arrived together.
  • Will there be live music? There will be no live music apart from the exception of our Piano Bar. This will be held every Friday at 16.00.
  • What are your business hours? The Merchant Room will be open 7 days a week from 09.00 – 24.00 and The Tap Room 11.00 – 24.00.